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Aegis: Based on Oilfield Wastewater Treatment and Lead the Industry

      Aegis, originally means the shield made of sheepskin, and in ancient Greek mythology, it means the shield of Zeus, and extend to mean protection and support. Founded in 2009, Aegis mainly engaged in dealing with wastewater generated in the excavation process of oilfield, so as to achieve national first class standard of wastewater discharge. By virtue of leading technologies in this field, Aegis has become a shield of oilfield environmental protection.

      Most oilfields are at their middle and later periods of oil exploitation in China, the water content of produced liquid increase continuously of above 90% on average. All oilfields are confronted with heavy pressure from sewage treatment and must pay more attention to ways to effectively treat the sewage produced at the exploitation of oil.

      He Wenyi, chairman of the board of Aegis Petroleum Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD., said: From national to local, including our three major oil companies, invested heavily in environmental protection, also there are new spending every year. Their hopes are that in the future, at the same time of oil extraction, the environmental protection can also keep pace with it.

      The industrialization of oilfield industrial sewage treatment technology is confronted with the problem of generality of oilfield industrial sewage treatment equipment, because different sewage has different requirements on pharmacy ratio. Therefore, Aegis sent technical personnel to all large oilfields and sampled on sewage. After technical research, the researchers mixed an efficient flocculant and integrated the sewage treatment equipment into the movable machine, greatly improving the processing efficiency.

      He Wenyi, chairman of the board of Aegis Petroleum Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD., said: The flocculant developed by our Company can reach rapid flocculation effect in 30 sec in a small space.

      In addition, the macromolecules in oilfield wastewater are difficult to separate due to their stable structure. By researching the directional microwave technology, Aegis break up the stable macromolecules to easily handled micromolecules, therefore solving the problem easily, and the processed water can reach the national first class standard of sewage discharge.

      He Wenyi, chairman of the board of Aegis Petroleum Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD., said: We need to use the microwave

technology, added with some sensitizer at the instant, so as to cover the macromolecule and raise the temperature to above 1000°C, and convert the macromolecule to micromolecule.

      Currently, Aegis has established cooperation with five domestic oilfields such as Daqing Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield, with the annual treatment of industrial wastewater of about 1 million m3. With proven technology and broad market prospects, Aegis won the favor of Matrix Partners China and other international venture capitals, with the financing scale of more than one hundred million yuan.

      He Wenyi, chairman of the board of Aegis Petroleum Technology (Shanghai) CO., LTD., said: We are hoping to complete a case successfully in overseas markets in next year. In the future, we will prepare more for connecting with the overseas markets, especially in intellectual property rights, team, and network license.

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