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Aegis,originally means the shield made of sheepskin, while in ancient Greek mythology,it means the shield or breastplate of Zeus,later becoming an attribute of Athena.In nowadays, it means protection and support.Our Company was named after Aegis,indicating our mission of protecting the natural nvironment we live by and commitment to becoming a strong backing for the sustainable development of human society.The logo of Aegis combines white and blue, which represent the calm of science and pure of environment respectively. It transmits the simple and rich meaning of interaction between industry and water, as well as the harmonious coexistence between human and nature.Gold is the hope, positive energy and belief of Aegis.It is a never-setting rising sun above the horizon line of Aegis.

Provide oilfield"s environmental protection solution for customers and develop to be an excellent petroleum environmental professional company in China or evenAsia.

Committed to protecting and improving the environment in which we live while promoting the sustainable development of our Company.

Only satisfied employees can satisfy customers.

We trust and respect our employees, and we believe that as long as we provide a proper working environment, all our employees can achieve success.

We are committed to cultivating every striving employee, encourage their creativity and initiative and pursuit of excellent achievement and contribution.

We encourage employees struggle and grow with the Company.

Team spirit is the guarantee for reaching our common goals.

We initiate a harmonious and healthy life.

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